Sign Manufacturing

CLSS manufactures various types of custom signs for advertising, business, commercial and industrial purposes. These signs are excellent for various usages including enhancing your brand and getting more impressions, showcasing your product, highlighting promotions, and also way-finding.

Signs are all about strengthening your brand and increasing your business’s recognition among your target audience. We are able to quickly develop, build and install signs for all types of businesses including:

- Retail signs
- Construction signs
- Real Estate signs
- Corporate signs
- Lawn signs
- Cafe signs
- Church signs
- Local Shop and store signs
- Hotel signs
- Office signs
- Event signs
- Trade show signs

And more…


Need custom signage specifically designed for for way-finding, product display, or promotions? View our list of interior signs made to make a lasting impression from within your building.

View Indoor


Showcase large, custom-made signs created for maximum impact. We make custom 3D and architectural signs that stand-out independently or are attached to your building or infrastructure.

View Outdoor


Maximize your business’s presence with fully custom signage. Our custom signs are capable of communicating the essence of your brand to your customers.


Looking for a more impacting approach? Check out our line of digital signage and LED message centres that both saves energy communicates a modern brand.

For all custom sign projects and/or consultations, please give us a call at (519) 969-0419 and we’ll be happy to help with any questions regarding our products and services.

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